Pepco Electric Distribution Engineering

CHA is proud to be a Pepco partner for reliability improvements over the past ten years. The Pepco results have been remarkable and resulted in Pepco being the top customer-rated East Region Mid-size Utility. Our work with Pepco began exclusively with feeder hardening projects, which included field data gathering, standards review, and recommendations for improving reliability. Over time, our work with Pepco has grown to include several other programs, including joint use assessment, service work, as-built design, underground conduit and cable replacement, reclosers, outage investigations, 69kV work, storm support, distribution feeder extensions, and several pilot projects. CHA has worked in Pepco's territory, including Montgomery County, Prince George's County, and the District of Columbia.

CHA's feeder hardening work with Pepco has included assignments in all of Pepco's categories, such as SAIFI, CEMI, MDO, Priority Feeders, Phase balancing, and Area Plans. Feeder hardening work to date consists of over 350 feeders totaling over 4,000 OH miles and over $175 million construction value. Pepco feeder hardening projects include field and design work consisting of installation and replacement of OH equipment, vegetation management, pole line relocation, and assessment of overloaded transformers. Recently, CHA has provided program management services for Pepco's three-year, $72 million Area Plan program to address the worst performing areas in Pepco's service territory by extending new feeders, balancing existing and expected loads, and hardening existing feeders.

CHA's team is fluent in Pepco's GWD (GIS) and WMIS design programs. Our staff has worked with Pepco's Responsible Engineers to assist with material reservations in Asset Suite 8. In addition, our team has experience using Visio, which is becoming the standard for use with compiling primary schematics for drawings. Dozens of our staff have completed multiple training sessions with Pepco. CHA's power users are qualified to train our staff in GWD, streamlining the addition of new staff members to the projects. Our direct relationships with Pepco's design engineers and engineering supervisors and knowledge of Pepco's processes further increase our efficiency.

Some of CHA's projects with Pepco include:
  • Priority Feeders
  • Comprehensive Feeders - Scoping and Engineering
  • 3rd Party - DC Distance Learning
  • 69kV MOD Switch Replacements
  • GIS As-builds
  • Financial Project Closure
  • Storm Support - Hurricane Isaias for Pepco/ACE/DPL
  • Norbeck Area Plan Extension
  • Benning Area Plan Extension
  • Miscellaneous Feeder Hardening Designs