Career Development

New Employee Onboarding

A customized onboarding plan is prepared for each new CHA employee. CHA’s 30/60/90 Day Onboarding Plan provides a consistent approach to orienting new hires to the people, key contacts, processes, and information critical to their new roles over the first 90 days of employment. Each new employee is also matched with an accelerator, an experienced employee tasked with supporting and helping the new employee integrate into the organization. The accelerator provides additional support from a peer who is familiar with the environment and operations. The accelerator program accelerates the speed at which new employees can start making valuable contributions to their teams.

Mentoring Program

Mentoring Program

CHA offers employees a unique opportunity to create and maintain meaningful relationships, overcome the obstacle of geography, and access resources and tools that are highly flexible, without rigid guidelines, rules, or checklists. All employees at CHA are encouraged to join the mentoring program as mentors and/or mentees.

Career and Leadership Development

CHA is committed to giving our employees the opportunity to develop and excel professionally. We have established career paths, guides to advance within specific job categories, to give employees a road map of their current and potential future roles within the company. We also support the development of key leadership competencies, giving our employees the tools to be excellent managers and leaders. We understand the importance of continuing education and offer tuition reimbursement, support and rewards to encourage continuous professional development.

Emerging Professionals

As part of our career development program, we focus our efforts on hiring emerging professionals—those technical staff early or just beginning their careers. We offer emerging professionals the opportunity to meet and work with leading experts to accelerate their introduction to our industry.

Internship Program

CHA has an extensive and competitive Summer Internship Program. Each summer, CHA employs over 40 interns throughout our offices in the United States and Canada. Over the 8 to 12 week program, our interns participate in authentic learning experiences that help them improve and develop skills. These opportunities include:

  • Hands-on experience on projects; performance of entry level responsibilities
  • Teamwork among fellow interns and technical team members
  • Technical presentations
  • Project site visits
  • Research projects and presentations
  • Social outings and community outreach opportunities
  • Field work

Our internship program aims to prepare students for the entry-level working environment. We start recruiting and speaking with students as early as September for consideration in the following year's program. Ideally, we seek students who are entering their junior or senior year of college with the goal of potentially making a job offer to top performing graduates.

Career Fairs

CHA attends career fairs in the fall and spring at top engineering and science schools across the U.S. At these events, our talent acquisition team is seeking top talent and recruiting candidates for entry-level technical positions. Our career fair calendar can be found on our social media channels.