The composition of the ground at your site is a critical factor in the design and construction of your project. CHA brings decades of experience in exploring a wide range of soil, bedrock, and groundwater conditions and evaluating the impacts of these conditions to infrastructure projects. Our design solutions range from simplistic to complex and innovative, as our approach to geotechnical engineering always considers final project cost, schedule and performance.

Our geotechnical services include:
  • Geotechnical Explorations (Borings, CPT, and Geophysical)
  • Shallow and Deep Foundation Analysis and Design Support
  • Soil Slope Stability and Landslide Investigations and Remediation Design
  • Rock Slope Evaluation, Stability and Rock Fall Analysis, and Rock Slope Stabilization Design
  • Seismic and Liquefaction Analysis
  • Instrumentation, Testing, and Construction Monitoring
  • Design of Flexible Retaining Wall Systems for Temporary and Permanent Applications
  • Soil and Rock Anchor Design
  • Structural Underpinning
  • Ground Improvement Evaluation and Design
  • Emergency Response and Forensic Engineering
  • Construction Administration, Observation, QA/QC, and Certification
  • Dam Safety Inspections, Investigations and Reporting
  • Earthen Dam Seepage and Stability Analysis
Services specific to solid waste facilities:
  • Facility Permitting
  • Facility Closure and Reclamation Design
  • Landfill Gas Control System Design and Operational Assistance
  • Leachate Collection System Design
  • Construction Plans and Specifications
  • Project Bidding Services
  • Facility Operations Management
  • Industrial and Construction SWPPP Inspections and Reporting
  • Post-Closure Facility Inspections and Reporting
  • Cost Estimating and Financial Analysis
  • State Loan and Grant Applications