Cost Estimating

Our Cost Estimating team delivers high-quality, accurate cost consulting services to owners, architects, and construction managers at any stage from conceptual design through construction documents. With expertise in architectural, structural, civil, mechanical, and electrical estimating, we identify the implications of design and construction decisions and bring cost certainty to the project.

Our nationwide network of contacts and careful analysis of bid results ensures that we have the most up-to-date information regarding market costs and regional valuation. Our cost estimators take pride in producing estimates that are accurate, prompt, and comprehensive. In addition to basic estimating services, we can advise clients on value management strategies, overall project budget, and project scheduling; assess life-cycle costs; and perform reconciliations.

Our cost estimators are well-informed about current construction market pricing across regions and for a wide variety of building types. In addition to an extensive cost database of information from current projects, our team has contacts with suppliers, subcontractors, general contractors, and construction managers nationwide, whose insights help us to better understand fluctuating market costs and regional valuation.

The CHA team seeks out innovative ways to reduce cost without compromising the performance or quality of the design and delivers cost estimating services that you can have confidence in.

Our cost estimating services include:
  • Public and private sector cost estimating
  • Cost consulting
  • Pre-conceptual design estimates
  • Pre-construction estimates
  • Value engineering and value management
  • Initial project budgets
  • Change order valuation and management
  • Project budgeting and scheduling
  • Parallel estimates and reconciliations
  • Quality assurance
  • Life-cycle cost analysis
  • Critical analysis of logistics, schedules and constructability
  • Alternative design scheme evaluation
  • Historical data analysis