Asset Management

Building and maintaining safe, cost-efficient pipeline, utilities and public works systems requires a firm understanding and appreciation for the complete life cycle of an asset. CHA is an innovative leader with extensive experience in all aspects of asset management, including GIS solution development, long range capital and system planning, integrity assessment, regulatory strategy, compliance, and data management services. Our goal is to help our customers effectively manage capital assets while minimizing the costs associated with owning and operating them.

CHA’s professional engineering services have a strong value offering; our capabilities in GIS provide a powerful complement. The combination of these offerings is unparalleled. Our GIS system stores the content created in partnership with our engineering services in conjunction with your existing data so you have complete, easy to access information on your assets and clear a picture of the condition of your critical systems. With it you can easily develop comprehensive maintenance programs, optimize field programs, and respond to emergency situations and outages. At your fingers is key information on buildings and structures such as current use, total and available square footage, age, photos, and floor plans. What’s more, you can engage your executives through dashboards that include maps and measures of your KPIs.

Our asset management system includes:
  • A GIS for accessing all of the information about your system and facilities
  • Detailed attribute information for every feature you operate
  • Flexible capital planning, system analysis and custom reporting options     
  • Products for field collection, information updating and regulation compliance
  • Linked digital photos of buildings, structures, and equipment
  • Interactive floor plans and facility maps    
  • Desktop, web based and mobile products for easy retrieval of information