Alternative Delivery

Circumstances behind your project can mean that traditional project delivery is not always the best approach. Alternative delivery methods give you greater flexibility in determining just how and who will design and build your next project. At CHA, we work closely with you to find opportunities to integrate cost savings, design innovations and creative construction methods that help you deliver a superior quality project.

Through methods such as design-build, full responsibility for the success of your project is placed in the hands of a single entity, so you know both who the designer and builder are from the very start. We inject our programming, design and construction expertise throughout each project to ensure cost-effective, practical designs. Continuous cost estimating and value engineering are utilized to fine-tune design from conception to completion. Throughout the effort, our industry veterans will keep the contractor’s challenges always in mind.

The advantages are clear: reduced costs, faster delivery, better communication and more efficient designs. As the client, you can expect to stay informed of progress and developments but insulated from day-to-day issues that arise when managing multiple subcontractors.

Design support for:
  • Lump Sum
  • Costs + Fees
  • Preliminary Design + GMP
  • Costs + GMP, or any other method
Additional Construction Support Services
  • Existing Code Review
  • Building Code Review
  • Pre-construction Plan & Review
  • Construction Monitoring
  • Survey and High Definition Scanning
  • Environmental and Earth Services
  • Geotechnical Engineering
Additional Offerings


With strong relationships with regulatory staff at both state and federal levels, we work to identify any permitting challenges and sticking points early before they cost more time and money down the road.

Structural & Civil Engineering

Our capabilities span the full project cycle, from feasibility evaluations to design and construction. CHA has the relationships and expertise to smooth the path to a successful project completion.


Whether it’s a renovation, expansion, or new construction, we offer the full scope of expertise required, including hard-to-find expertise in communications, security systems, and fire protection systems.

LEED Administration and Documentation

Our LEED certified professionals can assist in documenting construction practices and interfacing with the U.S. Green Building Council to help achieve LEED certification.

Building Information Modeling

CHA offers BIM services for tailored to design-build projects for new opportunities for value engineering, such as improved project constructability and lower overall costs.

And much more…

Our diverse staff includes hundreds of engineers and regulatory support specialists, including ecologists, biologists, water resource specialists, and public policy specialists among others.

CHA Tech Services LLC

CHA Tech Services LLC is CHA's design-build and construction management affiliate. Through CHA Tech Services, we are able to provide turnkey engineering solutions, including acting as construction manager or owner’s representative. For information about the projects and services provided by CHA Tech Services, please visit: