Utility Infrastructure

Today, utility companies are pushed to their limits to deliver power reliably and efficiently to support flourishing economies. CHA promotes the safe, efficient and cost-effective delivery of natural gas and electricity. We base our approach on a thorough understanding of your structure, needs and regulatory environment. Our team will assist you in defining an energy vision, identifying the feasibility and cost-effectiveness of system upgrades, and creating design packages that meet your standards and the needs of your customers. Together, we will enhance the reliability of existing transmission and distribution networks, evaluate and retrofit facilities for smart consumption, and expand usage of alternative energy.

Our clients are seeking creative solutions to optimize their utility assets. We base our design approach on a thorough understanding of each client’s structure, needs and regulatory environment. In working with their organizations, we create gas and electrical systems that are cost-efficient and trouble-free.

– Jim Fuller, PE, Utility Infrastructure Business Line Director
Our utility infrastructure services include:
  • Asset Integrity
  • Construction Inspection
  • Data Management
  • Distribution Line Design
  • Electrical and System Studies
  • Environmental Services
  • Equipment Specifications
  • Gas Delivery Services
  • Line Routing
  • Linear Permitting
  • Owner’s Engineer Services
  • Program and Project Management
  • Protection, Control, and SCADA Design
  • Regulatory Assistance
  • Right–of–Way Acquisition and Land Services
  • Standards Review and Development
  • Storm and Feeder Hardening
  • Substation and Interconnection Services
  • Substation Upgrade and Retrofit Design
  • Survey and Staking
  • System Operations Audits
We provide solutions for:
  • Electric and Gas Distribution and Transmission Lines
  • Substation Infrastructure
  • Switching Stations
  • Mobile Transformers and Substations
  • Regulators
  • Utility Systems
  • Power Generators
  • Renewable Energy and Industrial Systems
  • Residential Developments