Smart Cities

Cities around the country are exploring new ways to create environments that are vibrant, equitable and serve people of all ages and abilities who live, work and go to school within their borders. The Smart Cities approach seeks to make cities more livable by looking at all the connections in the city from infrastructure and streets to transit and other mobility routes. The Smart Cities initiative is a framework that encourages metropolitan areas to embrace technology to gather information from the available sensors and develop robust cloud-based solutions capable of handling collected data and, most importantly, revealing relevant insights from it that help reimagine seamless mobility. ITS applications are one of the major components of Internet-of-Things (IoT) applications that lie at the core of all Smart Cities. The CHA team supports Smart Cities initiatives in multiple ways. We support cities in the evaluation of new technologies pursuing a Smart Cities approach and manage data collection activities (e.g., drone footage) to be used to develop ITS platforms that process and visualize diverse traffic data to inform impactful decision-making.

Our smart cities services include:
  • ITS Data Analytics
  • Cloud-based Traffic Platforms
  • Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)
  • Signal Retiming & Coordination
  • Traffic Simulation & Modeling
  • Traffic Studies