Data Analytics

Underlying traffic principles lie at the core of CHA’s data analytics solutions. Our team integrates those principles with the computation resources, powerful algorithms, and advanced visualization solutions offered by many data analytics frameworks to address existing and futuristic traffic challenges from the data-driven point of view. We provide advanced analytics solutions utilizing traffic data collected from heterogeneous sources and on various temporal and spatial resolutions, either from the field or the simulation environment. Relevant applications for which our staff has deployed the ITS data analytics include traffic control, ramp metering, fuel consumption, traffic prediction, transit operations, and safety countermeasures.

Our data analytics services include:
  • Big Data for Transportation (StreetLight Data and Wejo)
  • Data Analytics (Machine Learning Models, Statistical Methods)
  • Data Storage and Processing (Databases, Cloud Operations)
  • Data Visualization (Plotly, GIS)
  • Data Analytics for Simulation Data (COM, Python-Vissim integration)