Traffic and ITS

The management of traffic, congestion, and safety impacts motorists, pedestrians, transit users, and bicyclists. Obstructions to the smooth flow of traffic, particularly during daily commutes or in construction zones, can be very disruptive to businesses, schools, and emergency vehicles. It also creates mobility and safety difficulties for anyone on or near the roads. For many cities and large metropolitan areas, congestion is conspicuous and frustrating and leads to safety issues. Fortunately, traffic experts and state-of-the-art traffic management systems can be employed to monitor, manage and tackle these challenges.

CHA has the experience and resources to identify and solve complex traffic management and Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) challenges, including congestion, safety, and monitoring traffic during construction. Our experience working on high-profile projects in busy metropolitan areas where disruption to the daily commute is felt by large populations has given us insight into some of the toughest traffic challenges cities are facing.

From rerouting traffic during bridge construction to implementing new traffic signal sequencing to promote traffic flow and improve safety, our team can provide recommendations on the latest technology to implement seamless traffic management solutions. Our innovative approaches help solve complex mobility issues and embrace new technologies that enhance mobility and safety, bringing tangible value to your travel corridors. We also provide essential guidance on accessing funds and support to help identify, define, and advance programs and policies toward implementation.

Every traffic route is unique, so our experienced, highly efficient team will work with you to understand your needs, develop a customized approach, and provide recommendations on how to move forward. We understand the funding process, navigating bureaucracy, and integrating the right technologies to meet your needs. We can guide you now and in the future as your traffic and population change and evolve.