Each year the athletic and recreation landscape reinvents itself with new regulations, materials, and technologies. We translate these changing demands into buildable, affordable and exciting facilities. From Division I athletics to large municipal field venues, we champion award-winning solutions and designs that generate the most value for owners, athletes, fans, and the surrounding communities defined by their sports. We combine in-house architecture, landscape architecture, and full engineering capabilities into a single comprehensive package, bringing fans to the stands and athletes on the field in record time. By providing better designs, we give back to the sports we cherish—and the communities that love them.

We blend high-quality designs with a modern perspective to create venues that foster unique, personal experiences with each visit. By skillfully integrating schedules and budgets into the design process, we have produced award-winning results for high schools, colleges and professional sports teams across the country.

– Ed O'Hara, RLA, Sports Business Line Director
Our sports services include:
  • Sports Master Planning (Campuses, Buildings and Outdoor Facilities)
  • Facilities Evaluations
  • Sports Architecture
  • Landscape Architecture
  • Civil Engineering
  • Full Building Engineering
  • Environmental Permitting
  • Survey and Geotechnical Engineering