People-First Safety

Our people-first approach to health and safety is a well-established component of CHA’s culture. It exists as a key element in the framework of a “sustainable workforce” – one of the company’s four pillars.

Our comprehensive safety program focuses on minimizing the risk of workplace incidents, injuries, and exposure to hazards for our employees, partners, and the general public. We empower our people with robust safety education and training, on-the-job coaching and mentoring, and necessary safety engagement tools. To achieve our health and safety vision, CHA continually measures injury rates and proactive staff engagement and compares the results to established baseline expectations.

The CHA safety culture is centered around the following expectations:

Sharing Lessons Learned
Keeping People Informed and Safe

Leadership Stewarding
Championing Health and Safety

Health and Safety Plan (HASP)
Preparing for All Field Work

Actively Caring Culture
Action Against Unsafe Conditions or At-risk Behaviors

Health and Safety Planning
Key to Project Management and Quality Management

Proactive Health and Safety Engagement
Hazard Identification, Prevention and Corrective Actions

Stop Work Authority
Fulfilling a Responsibility to Keep Our Teams Safe

Task/Behavior Based Safety Observations
Promoting a Positive Safety Culture Via Mentoring and Training

Incident Reporting
Understanding and Acting upon Close Calls and Incidents