Women's Primary Care Clinic

Part of a VA initiative to help improve the quality of care for women veterans, this project was designed to provide comprehensive, fully accessible primary care that is private, safe, dignified and sensitive to the needs of women veterans.

The new clinic is located in one of the older structures on the medical center campus. The convenient first-floor space can be accessed from a choice of building entry points and is close to parking.

The clinic floorplan is organized into two distinct areas to provide privacy for patients. Counseling services are on one side, with clinical exam services on the other. On the exam side, each of the four large exam rooms has its own private bathroom. One of the rooms is sized for bariatric patients and has a built-in lift system.

Patient spaces are filled with natural light throughout to reinforce a positive and supportive environment. Finishes follow a calming natural theme with some feminine touches.

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