Women's Imaging Center

Before the Imaging Center was created, women's diagnostic imaging services were scattered throughout the 11-story building, making it difficult for patients to navigate and for providers to deliver care. The project's primary goal was to create a private comprehensive imaging suite that was patient-centered and focused on the special needs of women veterans. Early in the project's development, the PLANETREE "patient centered" philosophy was recognized as the appropriate model to embrace as inspiration for the design and operation of the suite.

Beginning at the point of check-in, the patient is welcomed into a private, supportive environment that looks very different from the rest of the facility. The patient flow starts in the waiting room, continues on to dressing rooms and gowned waiting, and finally into one of four different imaging rooms. These include bone density, ultrasound, mammography, and stereotactic biopsy. A private consult room is located nearby.

The interior was transformed with the use of comfortable finishes in soft tones. Artwork, indirect lighting, and music support a positive and caring aesthetic.

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