Williams College, Outdoor Tennis Courts

CHA provided design and permitting services to reconstruction six failing competition tennis courts within the Williams College Tennis Facility. The design included the investigation and removal of the existing bituminous asphalt courts and unsuitable underlying soils. The unsuitable soils were replaced with high quality structural fill along with a subgrade drainage system. The playing surface was replaced with a state-of-the-art post-tension concrete surface new perimeter fencing, a new scoreboard, new PA system, formal center court bleacher spectator seating, informal spectator lawn seating, ADA access to the court level, improvements to the adjacent Torrance M. Hunt ‘44 Tennis House and overlook deck and the installation of infrastructure and foundations for the future installation of LED sports lighting. It is anticipated that the high-quality urethane tennis court surfacing and court graphics will be installed in early spring 2021 to ensure optimum weather conditions for this installation and longevity of the surface material.