Waterville State Armory

Originally built in 1964, The Waterville Armory is a 22,000 SF facility owned by the State of Maine and utilized by the Maine National Guard. The Armory has an on-site recruiting office and provides office, training, and support facilities for readiness training. The facility includes a 10,000 SF drill hall with corresponding support facilities. Adjacent to the building is parking and storage for military vehicles.

CHA is performing a retrofit of the existing 1960’s era building. The project includes a complete renovation of the building, including new mechanical, electrical, and plumbing with a refresh of existing finishes. The exterior envelope will be upgraded with new insulation/exterior cladding for a portion of the building and new windows for the entire structure that complement the existing windows in pattern and form.

The project addresses life safety, ADA and code upgrades, and deficiencies in office, core bathroom/locker rooms, and commercial kitchen needs. The site will be upgraded to accommodate the various uses the facility cycles through during program deployment.

CHA is providing design services for complete building and site design, including architectural, structural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing engineering, site/civil engineering, specification, and cost estimating.