Water Filtration Plant Water Withdrawal Permitting

The Henry County Public Service Authority (HCPSA) Upper Smith River Water Filtration Plant provides potable water to residential, commercial, and industrial users in Henry County and surrounding communities. To support economic development and meet future water demands, HCPSA commissioned an evaluation that identified the need to increase water production at the Philpott water treatment plant to 6.0 MGD. The intake location downstream of a hydroelectric power dam presented several permitting challenges for increasing the withdrawal. As a result of the dam operations, river flows vary widely. In addition, this area of the Smith River is considered an important recreational trout fishery and is upstream of an established endangered aquatic species habitat.

CHA prepared a joint permit application (JPA) that addressed the water needs and the proposed engineering and environmental controls designed to minimize potential impacts to the local environment. Follow-up support services included coordination with state and federal agencies and negotiation of specific permit conditions to protect the trout fishery and the local threatened species.

Project Services:
  • Preparation of a Joint Permit Application
  • Coordination with State and Federal Environmental Agencies
  • Coordination of a River Temperature Study and Endangered/Threatened (E/T) Species Survey
  • Collaboration with Permitting Agencies to Identify Appropriate Permit Conditions
  • Implementation Support for the Water Withdrawal Permit, Including Development of an Operation Plan and a Drought Management Plan