Wastewater and Reclaimed Water Pressure Pipe Assessment Program

Since 1905, the City of Largo has been a focal point as the fourth largest city within the Tampa Bay Area, servicing more than 80,000 residents through over 236,600 feet of wastewater force mains, 53 wastewater pump stations, 227,100 feet of reclaimed water pressure pipes, and three reclaimed pumping facilities. The city is committed to providing reliable and quality utility service to its residents, making public trust a priority.

Due to recent line failures and the fact that much of the city's infrastructure is approaching the end of its useful life, the city required a critical assessment of its reclaimed water pressure and wastewater force main pipes. The city contracted with CHA to develop an assessment program that allowed the city to prioritize critical areas, estimate remaining service life and renewal needs within the wastewater and reclaimed water transmission system, and apply various testing methods and technologies to evaluate the condition of these assets with minimal system downtime and minimal impact to the community. CHA developed a criticality-based ranking system to identify the potential problem areas. We then reviewed and selected the most appropriate assessment technologies and assessment procedures for the city's system.

The project's purpose was to assess the condition of the city's transmission systems to safeguard against pipe failures, helping to ensure reliable services to the community. This project provided insight to the city on various pressure pipe assessment methods that can be used to identify sections of the existing force mains and reclaimed water pressure systems where repairs are needed. It also assisted the city with developing a CIP with a prioritized schedule, such that the necessary funds can be allocated to perform the required repairs within the system. These assessments were conducted in densely developed areas where system downtime and impact to the community had to be minimized, which was key to the success of this project.

Project Services:
  • Assessment Program
  • Condition Assessment
  • R&R Program Prioritization
  • CIP Planning
  • Program Management