US 36/SR 67 Limited Access, New 4th Leg Intersection and New Split Tee Intersections

This project involves the installation of a raised center median and added truck loons located along a 3.6-mile section of US 36/SR 67 (Pendleton Pike) in Marion County, Indiana, to reduce mid-block left-turn crashes. The project has also been expanded to include the extension of Thunderbird Road to provide a 4th leg south of Pendleton Pike. During the corridor analysis, it was found that the intersection of 56th Street and Pendleton Pike should be reconfigured into two separate signalized intersections, forming a Split-Tee style configured intersection. The continuously raised median will prevent left-turn access to several businesses along the corridor. Therefore, U-turn movements have been checked at all signalized and specific unsignalized intersections with a standard passenger car design vehicle. Midblock U-turns are planned to be included around the following locations: Hull Road, McCoy Street, Maple Lane, Geneva Lane, Wheel Estates Drive, Teresa Road, and German Church Road.

The project includes a CE-4 NEPA document due to the lane change configuration. It includes a public information meeting to inform the public and help them understand project goals and discuss and hear their input and needs.