Underground TL 47 Borings

CHA performed engineering and survey services to install a new underground electric 69kV transmission cable in PVC conduits within steel casings between two existing substations along an approximately 5-mile route in Norwood, New Jersey. CHA was responsible for designing the underground electric line at four crossings that included three streams and a single set of existing railroad tracks. CHA designed the trenchless installation of the new line using a jack and boring to cross the obstructions. Each jack/bore design alignment also considered the surrounding community and included a limited workspace for construction to reduce impacts to nearby businesses, traffic, and railroad tracks. CHA also provided permitting assistance with the owner of the railroad line.

Project Services:
  • Jack and bore design and construction documents for each crossing
  • Geotechnical engineering and boring services for eight (8) borings at the crossings
  • Geotechnical report and design criteria based on boring log information obtained
  • Sheeting and shoring design at each of the crossings
  • Topographic survey and basemap plans of the entire route between substations
  • Civil plan and profile drawing creation along the entire route
  • Environmental testing and disposal of removed soil cuttings from drilling operations
  • Electrical engineering
    • Cable ampacity study
    • Cable spacer design
    • Grout specification
  • Construction administration
    • Preparation of bid documents
    • Periodic construction observation
    • Assistance to the client for contractor RFIs
    • As-built drawing documentation