UMass Memorial Hospital CHP Power Plant

CHA provided a new combined heat and power (CHP) plant to the existing central utility plant serving the UMass Memorial Medical Center in Worcester, Massachusetts. The CHP Plant is based on one 2.65 MW GE Jenbacher natural gas fueled reciprocating engine generator with an exhaust heat recovery steam generator to supply 2,700 lb/hr steam to the hospital steam system and an engine cooling heat recovery hot water heater to supply up to 8 MMBtu/hr of heat to the hospital hot water system. The plant also includes a hot water absorption chiller to supply 360-ton cooling to the hospital when hot water demand is low during summer. Black start and islanded operation capability are incorporated to allow hospital services to be maintained during utility grid outage. The CHP plant provides the hospital with the benefit of reduced energy costs and improved energy supply resiliency.

Project Services:
  • Front end engineering design required to define the project cost
  • Detailed engineering:
    • Mechanical
    • Electrical
    • Controls
    • Structural
  • Thermal load survey
  • 3D laser scanning of existing central utility plant
  • Performance calculations
  • Electrical utility interconnect application
  • On-site commissioning technical support