U.S. Marine Hospital Renovation

Phase 1

As Phase 1 of the Master Plan for their historic 12-acre campus, Martin’s Point Health Care decided to renovate this signature building, the 1859 U.S. Marine Hospital, designed by Ammi Young.

The H-shaped building, which occupies a beautiful, prominent site at the northeast entrance to Portland, is Italianate in style, with well-preserved cast-iron front porches.

Exterior renovation included rebuilding the enclosed porches, painting the wood cornice, repointing the brick, rebuilding original windows, and replacing the first-floor windows, which were not original. The cast iron porches were repaired and repainted. Inside, mechanical and electrical systems were replaced, and bearing wall arches repaired. A canopy was added to the rear of the building to be sympathetic, and at the same time contrast with, the existing structure.

Phase 2

The third floor of the U.S. Marine Hospital building affords magnificent 360-degree views of Portland and Casco Bay. This interior fit-up project includes the boardroom, two large conference rooms, three smaller conference rooms, a kitchen, and an employee fitness center.

The floor is flexibly planned so that it can accommodate a large conference or several smaller simultaneous meetings. The largest of the conference rooms can function as a central gathering place for group meetings or meals, with the others available as breakout spaces.

  • 2008 Statewide Historic Preservation Honor Award, Maine Preservation
  • 2007 Special Preservation Honor Award, Greater Portland Landmarks