Town of Halfmoon 7.0 MGD Water Treatment Facility

CHA provided a comprehensive tank rehabilitation program to enhance the longevity of the Town of Halfmoon’s water storage facilities. The following assignments have been completed:

Tank Inspection Program

CHA inspected the town’s four steel water storage tanks, which included the inspection of the interior paint system, the exterior paint system, and the cathodic protection systems. The team performed video inspections of the interior and exterior of each tank and prepared a summary report. The report included an opinion of probable cost for recommended improvements, prioritization of potential water storage modifications, and an implementation schedule.

Brookwood Road Tank Rehabilitation, 0.8 MG

CHA provided planning, design, bid assistance, and contract administration for improvements to this 800,000-gallon standpipe. The project replaced the interior and exterior lead-based paint systems and installed a tank de-icing unit and cathodic protection system.

Werner Road Tank Rehabilitation, 1.0 MG and 0.75 MG

CHA designed improvements to the town’s 750,000-gallon and 1,000,000-gallon hydropillar tanks. The project replaced the interior and exterior paint systems, installed a cathodic protection system, and included the design of a tank mixing system for both tanks.

Project Services:
  • Video Inspections and a Summary Report
  • Planning
  • Design
  • Bid Assistance
  • Contract Administration
  • Replacement of the Interior and Exterior Paint Systems
  • Installation of a Cathodic Protection System
  • Design of a Tank Mixing System for Both Tanks