Toronto Deep Lake Water Cooling Project

The Enwave Deep Lake Water Cooling project draws approximately 70,000 usgpm of 39°F water from Lake Ontario as a renewable cooling source for many downtown Toronto buildings. Three 63-inch diameter HDPE pipes extend 18,000 feet into the lake to a depth of 280 feet. After cooling the circulating chilled water of Enwave's district cooling system, the lake water is then routed to the city's potable water distribution system. The cold water from deep in the lake eliminated the taste and odor problems of Toronto's summer drinking water.

Project Services:
  • Detailed design
    • Energy transfer loop buried chilled water transmission pipeline
    • Lake water intakes
    • Underground Toronto Island intake pipeline valve chamber
  • Preparation of bid documents
    • HDPE pipe and transmission pipe
  • Preparation of construction bid documents for installing
    • Intake pipelines
    • Chilled water transmission pipelines
    • Island intake pipeline valve chamber
  • Hiring and management of the following
    • Subconsultant with world-wide experience to design the HDPE intake pipelines and to assist with the deployment of the pipelines
    • Subconsultant for the corrosion protection of the intake pipeline hardware