SUNY New Paltz, Landscape Master Plan and Site Improvements

Students often select an institute for higher learning based upon its appearance. To that end, CHA was retained to provide engineering services for five major projects on the SUNY New Paltz campus that improved plantings, walkways, streets, parking and lighting in context with the college’s mission to create a more sustainable, pedestrian friendly campus. Projects included:

Hasbrouck Quad: Heavy concrete walls and steps were removed and replaced with gradually sloped paths to change grades. Combined with new lighting, hardscape, landscaping and pedestrian amenities, the replacement has transformed the quad into a greener, more cohesive open space.

Concourse: The Concourse, a key circulation and social space, links the dormitories to the Humanities Building and the Lecture Center. The Concourse, however, needed an aesthetic improvement. The monolithic concrete slab was replaced with hardscape treatments combined with new lighting and landscaping. The Concourse’s new appearance makes it clearly the functional heart of the campus.

Mohonk Walk: Mohonk Walk needed to be strengthened and beautified as a critical pedestrian circulation route. New hardscape, landscape, lighting and pedestrian amenities now better define the space and improve its linkages to the quads and open spaces.

Route 32 Parking Lot: A new convenient and accessible parking lot was constructed adjacent to the northern edge of the existing Route 32 Parking Lot on land owned by the campus.