SR-836 Express Bus Service and Park and Ride/Bus Terminal Tamiami Station

This project consists of constructing the SR 836 Express Bus Service Tamiami Station Park and Ride/Bus Terminal with improvements to the Tamiami Station roadway along SW 8th Street and SW 147th Avenue. The site development includes clearing and grubbing over 8 acres of trees and vegetation on vacant land, sub-soil excavation and soil improvement of approximately 36,000 cubic yards of native muck material, and over 64,000 cubic yards of new embankment. The civil improvements include the construction of 20,319 square yards of 12-inch subgrade stabilization, 4,164 square yards of 18-inch limerock base, 20,319 square yards of 8-inch limerock base, 935 tons of 4-inch asphalt base, 3,420 tons of 3-inch asphalt course, 1,041 cubic yards of 9-inch concrete pavement, gravity wall, curb and gutter, concrete sidewalks, 30 drainage structures and 24-inch French drain, new water and sewer services, CCTV, lighting, electric vehicle charging stations, and fencing and gates. The Park and Ride lot includes new structures such as a new driver’s lounge, pedestrian walkway canopy, bicycle cage, bus canopy special structures, and a 30-foot gateway sign and monument sign.

The roadway improvements consist of widening for the proposed turn lanes and roadway widening improvements along SW 8 Street, proposed turn lanes at the intersection of SW 8 Street and SW 147 Avenue, median improvements along the roadways on SW 8 Street and SW 147 Avenue, new lighting and drainage improvements, new signalization at the intersection of SW 8 Street and SW 147 Avenue, and crosswalk improvements associated with roadway work. This project has been granted Envision Certification, Level Silver, which is administered by the Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure (ISI).