South Water Reclamation Facility Pump Station Expansion and Upgrades

Orange County’s South Water Reclamation Facility (SWRF) advanced secondary facility’s existing influent pump station was constructed in 1988, and the pumps were nearing the end of their expected life. The County wanted to explore the potential to provide expanded capacity within the existing structure or if a new pump station was required. The County retained CHA to develop a preliminary engineering alternatives report. After development of alternatives and through in-depth discussions with County, it was decided to construct a new 216 mgd, self-cleaning trench style submersible pump station.

CHA was contracted was extended to provide design, bidding, and construction services to build the new SWRF influent pumping station (IPS). The new influent pump station (IPS) has dual trench, self-cleaning wet wells and space for up to eight 31-mgd pumps. Construction of the new IPS was sequenced to maintain operations of the existing influent pump station until the new IPS becomes operational.

This project includes structure demolition and modification of the exiting screening system and the construction of a new influent pump station with submersible pumps, flow control gates, piping, valves, electrical, and controls. Raw wastewater enters the facility through several pipelines where it is screened before the flow enters the new IPS.

Project Services:
  • Existing Assets Performance Analysis
  • Alternatives Analysis
  • Pump System Capacity Planning
  • Submersible Solids-handling Pumps Design and Performance Testing
  • Dual Self-cleaning Trench Wet Wells
  • Variable Frequency Drives
  • CFD Hydraulic Modeling
  • Pump Station Physical Modeling