Seneca Meadows Landfill Expansion

Since 1997, CHA has provided professional services to Seneca Meadows Landfill, the largest landfill in New York State. We played a significant role in the design and permitting of the SMI’s landfill expansion, which resulted in over 31 million tons of additional disposal capacity. The project included the re-alignment of the Black Brook and the creation of a 585-acre habitat restoration project. CHA continues to provide services for the ongoing development of SMI’s facility infrastructure.

To secure permits for the landfill expansion, CHA assessed and quantified natural communities occurring on SMI properties. The result was a natural resources report that formed a critical component of the landfill expansion permit applications and environmental impact statements. Since the landfill expansion proposed the use of 71 acres of federally regulated wetlands and state regulated wetlands, CHA’s quantitative wetland and terrestrial ecological analysis was key to securing the required wetland permits and water quality certifications from NYSDEC and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

Existing utility and transportation infrastructure were relocated as part of the landfill expansion project. The expansion included a new facility entrance road, replacement of a culvert with a bridge on a state highway bordering the facility site, and relocating a natural gas pipeline and two liquid petroleum pipelines owned by third parties to new locations outside of the landfill footprint.

Project Services:
  • Landfill Construction Oversight and Construction Certification
  • Bridge Design, Permitting and Construction Inspection
  • Roadway Design, Permitting and Construction Inspection 
  • Pipeline Design, Permitting and Construction Inspection
  • Conceptual Building Design and Final Design of Site Utilities 
  • Conceptual Plan Development for Sewer Extension
  • Design of Electrical Supply and Distribution System Modifications