Route 8 Bridge Replacement

CHA developed the concept plans to replace four highway bridge structures in which the beams were deteriorated beyond repair on a major urban highway in Bridgeport, Connecticut. Our design recommended Accelerated Bridge Construction (ABC) techniques, including the use of Prefabricated Bridge Units (PBUs) to replace the existing bridges in a short duration closure of the roadway.

As the first design-build project managed by CTDOT, we worked with the department to create the design-build process manuals, Request for Qualifications/Proposal (RFQ/RFP) documentation, and other tools to make this pilot design-build project a success. We also assisted with public outreach and project branding to improve engagement with affected communities, which involved developing the project logo and managing social media during closures.

Project Services:
  • Bridge Design
  • Highway Design
  • Accelerated Bridge Construction
  • Community Outreach
  • Alternative Delivery
  • Owner's Representative Services
  • Use of SPMT for construction
  • Prefabricated bridge units
  • Conversion of substructure
  • Branding and social media communications