Route 32 Mohawk River Bridge

Crossing over the Mohawk River to and from Saratoga and Albany Counties via NYS Route 32 is a daily ritual for thousands of motorists in Upstate New York. Built as a Depression-era public works project by then-Governor Franklin D. Roosevelt, the 682-foot-long, seven-span, earth-filled concrete spandrel structure, with its distinctive 1930s architecture, had become structurally deficient. With rehabilitation infeasible due to high water levels, NYSDOT commissioned a replacement bridge with special aesthetics capturing the spirit of the original.

Collaborating across various consultant regional offices within a short timeframe, multiple CHA engineer teams worked concurrently to design all the components necessary to construct the 800-foot-long, five-span, multi-girder replacement bridge. In addition, the replacement project added improved pedestrian facilities, new curbs and sidewalks, closed drainage improvements, improved access at adjacent commercial sites, and streetscaping and landscaping features. Fitted with New York State Historic Preservation Office (NYSHPO)-approved aesthetic treatments, the new bridge carries two southbound lanes, one northbound lane, two sidewalks, and several utilities across the river.

  • 2019 ACEC New York Engineering Excellence Awards - Silver Award (Structures Category)
Project Services:
  • Preliminary through Final Design and Construction Support
    • Surveying
    • Right-of-way Mapping
    • Preliminary Highway and Bridge Design
    • Hydraulic Evaluation
    • Geotechnical Analyses
    • Environmental Studies and Permitting
    • Landscape Architecture
    • Hazardous Waste Screening and Asbestos Survey
    • Traffic Engineering
    • Design Report Preparation
    • Public Involvement