Prototype Fuel Cell

CHA installed this large-scale prototype fuel cell after its successful installation of a smaller 50 KW fuel cell the year prior. Equipped with a control room, fuel delivery station, processing station, and fuel cell, this electrical generation station utilizes natural gas to produce an extraordinary 1.3 MW in an area with limited electrical service. In a method similar to a landfill waste-to-energy system using methane biogas, this standalone facility processes any type of natural gas service and runs it through the fuel cell to generate electricity that can be sent to the electrical grid, load bank, or wherever required.

The electrical generation process produces almost zero waste. After running natural gas through the fuel cell, big flare stacks flare off any remaining wastes. The synthetic gas created as a by-product from the initial processing is sent to large generators on-site capable of running on natural or synthetic gas, to improve efficiency and generate more electricity. Originally thought to require disposal via the sewer, the little remaining liquid waste is so diluted that it can be sent directly to a dry well.

Armed with the expertise gained from its work on 50 KW fuel cells, CHA completed the installation of this prototype facility within 10 months. With its ability to utilize any type of natural gas, whether it’s trucked in or on site, this size of fuel cell is a clean, reliable and efficient source of power for areas throughout the country lacking reliable and efficient electrical service.