Potter Station Power Plant Gas Turbine Generator Replacement

CHA provided detailed engineering services for the fast-track replacement of an existing gas turbine generator with a new Stewart & Stevenson LM6000 and modifications to the existing plant auxiliary systems and distributed control system.

Project Services:
  • Design for demolition and removal of existing structure and equipment
  • Design for pilings, new foundations and structures for the installation of the new turbine generator
  • Detailed design
    • Glycol heating and cooling systems
    • Condensate system
    • Fuel gas system
    • Instrument air system
    • Instrumentation and controls
    • 15 kV cable bus duct
    • New motor control center
    • Interconnection wirings
  • Design coordination with the following
    • Original manufacturers for once-through steam generator (OTSG) and distributed control system
    • Suppliers for the gas turbine generator, 15 kV switchgear and static excitation system
  • Startup, commissioning and performance testing assistance
*Above photo courtesy of Atlantic Power Corporation