Port Colborne Central Utilities Plant Installation

This project constructed a new central utilities plant, including a 10 MW cogeneration plant, consisting of two Solar Turbines Taurus 60 gas turbine generators, heat recovery steam generators (HRSGs) with supplemental firing, water supply pumping station, demineralized water treatment plant, and compressed air plant. The project also involved a complete in-plant 13.8 kV distribution system that is connected to the utility through a 13.8 kV to 27.6 kV transformer.

This central utilities plant supplies all utilities, including power, heating and process steam, and compressed air, for the entire new citric acid production facility. The high reliability for these services is essential to prevent interruption of the production process.

CHA initially carried out a feasibility study to evaluate best options for supplying power and steam to the new citric acid production facility. Subsequently, CHA provided detailed engineering for the construction of the central utilities plant.

Project Services:
  • Detailed design
    • Mechanical and piping systems
    • Civil
    • Structural
    • Building
    • Architectural
  • Technical specifications, bid evaluations, and contract coordination for major equipment
  • Technical specifications and technical coordination for construction contracts
  • Technical assistance for seeking permits and approvals
    • Environmental permits
    • Building permits
    • Piping system registration
    • Electrical system compliance
  • Technical assistance to the electrical engineering, procurement, and construction contractor
    • Plant electrical system design
    • Unit and interconnection protection relay coordination studies and settings
    • IESO connection assessment application