PAH New Passenger Terminal Program

The Barkley Regional Airport Authority (BRAA) has commissioned the development of a new passenger terminal complex at a greenfield site located in the south-central portion of Barkley Regional Airport (PAH) bounded by Fisher Road and the air traffic control tower access road to the east, Gholson Road to the south, Taxiway A to the west, and the air traffic control tower access road to the north. The site encompasses roughly 75 acres.

BRAA conducted a terminal siting and footprint study in 2011 and in 2018 conducted a validation of the study to verify the proposed terminal sizing and update the rough order of magnitude program cost estimate. The 2011 study recommended the above referenced greenfield site for the development of the new terminal. A concept layout plan was developed and provided as part of the BRAA consultant selection request for proposals. The concept layout plan depicted various development items, of which the following are expected to be designed and constructed under this program:

  • Terminal apron and taxiway connectors
  • Weather station (ASOS) relocation
  • New passenger terminal building
  • Rental car parking lot
  • Employee parking lot
  • Passenger parking lot
  • Entrance drive
  • ARFF facility (space allocation for future development)
  • Maintenance facility (space allocation for future development)
Project Services:
  • Engineering Design
  • Bidding
  • Construction Phase Services