Oxford Hills Comprehensive High School

The first comprehensive high school in the State of Maine, Oxford Hills combines existing high and technical schools into a single institution offering “seamless” education with a high degree of collaboration between vocational and academic programs.

The school is organized in six specialty clusters, all centered around a communications core consisting of the media center, the television studio, and presentation/community meeting rooms.

A main street running through the heart of the building connects the major functions: school store, administration area, library/media center, cafeteria/auditorium, and gym.

CHA Architecture conceived a program for enhancing community auditorium facilities by converting the existing auditorium into a cafeteria/auditorium with 600 seats and creating a new horseshoe-shaped intimate forum with 300 seats.

A central human services area combines the traditionally separate functions of administration, guidance, the nurse, community education, and the athletic director. The new library was built into the old gymnasium space.