Oxford Dry Cleaners, Environmental Services

Following the release of tetrachloroethylene (PCE) from an upgradient dry cleaning facility, CHA was contacted to initiate assessment within a few days. We determined that the major source of the PCE in the indoor air was from the on-site usage of aerosol brake cleaner in the facility’s garage. CHA successfully mitigated exposures to indoor air within a few weeks using positive pressurization and a sub-slab depressurization system (SSDS). We oversaw the application of sodium permanganate to the subsurface, which significantly reduced CVOC concentrations in the groundwater. The permanganate reduced groundwater concentrations by a few orders of magnitude. Groundwater and soil gas are no longer contributing to indoor air impact, and the SSDS no longer needs to operate.

CHA has delineated the release in bedrock and overburden and additional injections of chemical oxidants are intended to bring the site to a point of no significant risk based on a method 3 risk characterization.

Project Services:
  • Groundwater, Surface Water, Soil Gas, and Indoor Air Assessment
  • Mitigation of Indoor Air Impacts from Groundwater and Soil Gas
  • In-situ Remediation Design and Oversight
  • Regulatory Compliance