ODOT Safety Studies

CHA staff previously completed a two-year, half-million-dollar statewide safety study contract for ODOT and is on the current two-year contract. CHA completed 14 separate studies throughout Ohio for multiple ODOT Districts and local agencies where crash history indicated existing safety problems. We currently have two assignments. CHA worked directly with the ODOT Safety Program Director to set up project scopes by reviewing each location with the local District Safety Review Team. We analyzed traffic crash data at each location to identify past crash trends, determined likely causes, and proposed safety countermeasures for consideration by ODOT and local agency staff. Upon ODOT and agency concurrence, CHA completed benefit/cost analysis for considered countermeasures to recommend prioritization of mitigation at each location for implementation. Conceptual drawings were produced. These efforts included traffic counts, speed studies, and pedestrian/bike accommodations/considerations.