OA Centers for Orthopaedics

OA Brunswick

OA’s Brunswick Center is a 9,000 SF fitup in a new building in the center of town. The facility provides orthopaedic clinical services with supporting x-ray, cast room, and physical therapy gym. The interiors are a neutral gray-and-blue palette with lively accents of orange, creating an environment that encourages movement and healing.

Circulation for patients and staff is simple and direct. Three providers work from standing workstations in semi-private alcoves dispersed within a cluster of exam rooms.

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OA Windham

The Windham facility accommodates a two-provider practice, xray, and physical therapy, along with a related sub-lease at one end. The reception area is shared, as are other staff support spaces, with separate check-in and check-out windows. Patient and staff flow was critical to the planning with a clear circulation loop from entry to check-out. Work alcoves are located along the corridor near exam rooms.

Other important design considerations were effective acoustical separation and the use of natural light. Sustainable features range from the mechanical system and wall assembly design to finish and substrate material selections.

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OA Performance Center, Saco

The MRI Center at OA Portland involved a renovation and expansion while working within the confines of a tight site. The new accessible patient entrance provides direct access to services without having to negotiate through the other departments. Two new MRI rooms were designed along with supporting clinical and staff areas. The larger wide body MRI scanner accommodates full body imaging while the smaller is a specialty extremity scanner.

Taking advantage of natural light wherever possible, every room in the suite has some connection to the outside, and a soft color palette with cheerful accents is used to support a quiet relaxed atmosphere. These strategies, along with close attention to acoustics, help to minimize the anxiety that many patients associate with an MRI.

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