NYSERDA Industrial and Process Efficiency Program

For over seven years, CHA has provided industrial outreach and recruiting services for NYSERDA’s Industrial and Process Efficiency program throughout all of upstate New York. The program has been responsible for assisting clients with efficiency solutions for process cooling, compressed air, plastics, injection molding, heat recovery, energy recovery, chilled water, vacuuming, free cooling, industrial process efficiency, steam, and more. Key results have included securing over 370 applications and savings of over $50 million, 470,000 Mwh in electricity, and 2.6 million MMBtu of natural gas.

Our services have included overall program management, program performance monitoring, development and maintenance of strategic partnerships and key account relationships, direct outreach to customers, customer project development and implementation support services, coordination and hosting of training programs, and overall technical support services for program development.

Project Services:
  • Energy Program Management
  • Energy Assessment and Analysis
  • Cost-Benefit Analysis
  • Incentive Program Assistance
  • Energy Efficiency Training