NYS Route 7 over I-87 Interchange Reconstruction

CHA provided preliminary through final highway design to replace the bridge carrying Route 7 over I-87 and reconstruct the interchange of I-87 at Exit 6. CHA performed all traffic modeling and analyses; prepared the design report; conducted the public hearings; provided a geometric layout, construction sequencing and maintenance and protection of traffic (M&PT); and completed the signal design, landscaping, and wetlands mitigation.

The project included the design of a single point urban interchange over I-87, which was the first of this type in New York, and incremental traffic improvements along NYS Routes 2 and 7 to improve traffic flow in a very congested area. Pedestrian accommodations through the corridor were a key project element and included pedestrian signals, sidewalk construction, and high visibility crosswalks.

Project Services:
  • Traffic Modeling and Analysis
  • Design Report
  • Geometric Layout
  • Construction Sequencing
  • Traffic Signal Design
  • Landscape
  • Wetland Mitigation
  • Public Hearing
  • Preliminary and Final Highway Design
  • M&PT