North Bay and Kapuskasing 40 MW Enhanced Combined Cycle Power Plants

Facilities at each of the two TransCanada Pipelines (TCPL) gas compressor stations were expanded to provide for 40 MW combined cycle power generation at each site. The expansion included once-through steam generator (OTSG) addition to existing gas compressor drive turbine and installation of one new gas turbine generator with duct-fired OTSG, one steam turbine generator, air cooled condenser, plant auxiliaries, electrical switchyard, and overhead transmission lines. Design steam pressures and temperatures at both stations are 790 psig/900°F.

Initially appointed as owner's engineer for the combined North Bay & Kapuskasing projects, CHA provided conceptual design and project definition engineering, including project cost estimate and support for environmental impact studies. Additionally, we provided design-build contract bid specifications, technical coordination, and contract bid selection. Subsequent to acting as owner's engineer, we provided detailed design engineering.

CHA also performed conceptual and preliminary engineering for the design-build execution of a 230 kV switchyard and 230 kV overhead transmission lines. Our detailed engineering services included the design of the protection relay systems for the substation and the line protection for the transmission lines, including interfacing with Ontario Hydro.

Project Services:
  • Owner's engineer
    • Conceptual design and project definition engineering
    • Design-build contract bid specifications
    • Technical coordination
    • Contract bid selection
  • Detailed design
    • Plant layout
    • System process
    • Mechanical systems
      • Steam
      • Feedwater
      • Condensate
      • Condensate polishing
      • Water treatment
      • Miscellaneous systems
    • Steam turbine bypass system
    • Steam energy dispersion devices
    • High voltage electrical system
  • Technical coordination for all major equipment supply contracts
  • Preparation of plant automatic control schemes
  • Preparation of steam piping air blow cleaning procedure
  • Support for environmental assessments and permitting applications