Norfolk International Airport Master Plan Update

CHA is assisting in updating the Master Plan and Airport Layout Plan at Norfolk International Airport to meet all the criteria established by the FAA and the Virginia Department of Aviation. A comprehensive community outreach program is included as an integral component of the update.

Key components of the update include the development of a passenger terminal expansion and improvement program; evaluation of crosswind Runway 14/32, including a cost benefit analysis of reconstructing or closuring Runway 14/32; reconstruction of the Primary Runway 5/23; and construction of associated improvements as required to maintain commercial service operations at all times. The plan will also address the need for and location of a future parallel runway, relocation of the fuel farm, and construction of additional parking garages for rental car return, employee parking and long-term parking.

Additional services include analyzing the airfield against all current FAA design standards, identifying areas that are not in compliance, performing a cost benefit analysis of deficiencies as selected by the Authority, and analyzing and identifying Authority properties that are available for non-aviation related development. An initial task in the update is to perform an airport GIS mapping and survey program in accordance with latest version of FAA Advisory Circulars 150/5300-16, 17 and 18.

Project Services:
  • Airport Master and Layout Planning
  • Cost Benefit Analysis