NHDOT Bridge Stormwater Damage and Scour Assessment

CHA developed and implemented an innovative Bridge Scour Data Management System for NHDOT to collect and store data gathered during the inspection of bridges that are especially vulnerable to the loss of sand and rocks from the areas surrounding the bridge supports.

The data collection system was instrumental in rapidly assessing damage caused by Hurricane Irene and subsequently preparing Plan of Action reports for the sites studied. Field staff used tablets to gather inspection photos, measurements, and other data. The information was then uploaded to a centralized database for analysis and quality assurance/quality control.

The Bridge Scour Data Management System supports proactive flood and scour monitoring by transmitting essential data to NHDOT’s Traffic Management Center as well as providing access to the final Plan of Action reports.

Project Services:
  • Database Application Development
  • Mobile Data Collection
  • Scour Evaluation
  • Bridge Inspection