NH Transmission Foot Patrol Inspection

CHA was tasked with the visual inspection of approximately 850 circuit miles of existing transmission line structures throughout the state of New Hampshire. We provided 2-person teams to complete the inspections, which were accomplished by a combination of walking, use of side-by-side utility all-terrain vehicles, and driving vehicles along existing rights-of-way (ROW). The teams utilized handheld tablets to collect the data along with high-resolution digital cameras. CHA was responsible for inspection of the structures and associated hardware and based our ratings on EPRI guidelines for the grading of structures. Inspection reports for each structure assessed, along high-resolution photos, were delivered to Eversource for their use. In addition, we provided Eversource with daily updates of our anticipated activities and inspection locations.

Throughout the project our teams dealt with hazardous conditions, environmentally sensitive areas, encountered wildlife, and vegetation overgrowth. Team leads held daily tailboard meetings to discuss safety concerns and daily tasks along with challenges within the conditions in which we were working. CHA provided UTV and general safety training for working in ROW’s and environmentally sensitive areas. All personnel were provided appropriate safety equipment, including DOT approved helmets while operating the UTVs.

Project Services:
  • Visual observation and assessment of existing transmission structures – ID decay, splits/breaks, guy or anchor problems, crossarm condition, downleads, etc.
  • Visual observation and assessment of structure hardware – ID insulators condition, links, other hardware pieces
  • Identifying ROW encroachments
  • Visual observation of existing conductors and shield wires
  • Identify access problems, danger trees, poor ground clearance, erosion, and other miscellaneous problems