New Technology Park Access Bridge

The Town of Putnam, Connecticut needed an access solution to the newly created Quinebaug Regional Technology Park. The site posed several challenges as it was located adjacent to an interstate highway, required crossing the Quinebaug River, and was situated in an archaeologically sensitive site.

Our team began by conducting extensive research to fully understand the site, including a review of the existing one-lane temporary access bridge. Our solution created a new, two-lane, 200-foot, single span steel plate girder bridge supported on integral abutments. The new bridge was constructed south of the existing structure and offers significant advantages. It is situated directly across from an exit ramp from I-395, which improves traffic flow. It reduces environmental impacts by negating the demolition of the existing bridge and provides more favorable visibility of the park from its proximity to the interstate highway.

Project Services:
  • Bridge Design
  • Highway Design
  • Water Resources
  • Land Surveying
  • Construction Services
  • Alternate access siting to improve traffic flow and reduce environmental impacts
  • Long span integral abutment design