National Grid Electric Distribution and I&M

Electric Distribution

CHA has worked on a variety of electric distribution programs and projects for National Grid. A significant component of our work involved running the feeder hardening program in New England. Over the program's six years, 250 feeders and 7,100 miles of overhead distribution were hardened.

Our work under this program included the following:

  • Performing inspections
  • Recommending system reliability and safety improvements
  • Designing circuit upgrades in National Grid's GIS design system
  • Completing as-builts after construction
  • Closing out completed work.
  • Monitoring scope, schedule, and cost relating to National Grid's goals for the fiscal year

Other program work included overloaded transformer replacements and side tap fusing surveys. In 2014 alone, CHA made fusing recommendations on 400 feeders and designed over 600 transformer replacements, with an additional 225 transformers completed by the end of that year.

CHA also designed the relocation of National Grid assets to accommodate modifications to state roads and bridges. In addition, CHA has done numerous design projects, including feeder reconductoring, new feeder ties, voltage conversions, and substation get-aways, throughout New York and New England.

Inspection & Maintenance

Upon completing the feeder hardening program, National Grid started an Inspection & Maintenance (I&M) program. This program was designed to maintain the gains provided by feeder hardening and prevent the system from deteriorating by performing I&M work across the entire system in five-year cycles.

CHA has run this program in much the same way that the feeder hardening program operated. Our work primarily involves design services; scope, schedule, and budget monitoring; and construction support. CHA is again using a custom automated field data collection and design system for this program.