National Grid 3rd Party Attachments

CHA personnel mobilize in the field to inspect pre-approved poles and collect data utilizing an IKE 4 device per National Grid requirements. After the field data is collected, our teams begin detailing the existing conditions. Once all current conditions are noted, CHA completes National Grid's required Exhibit 5 documentation, including make-ready determinations and preexisting condition research. Upon reconciliation, CHA provides the Telco with the make-ready modifications necessary to complete the application. CHA coordinates with Joint Owners (JO) for reconciliation, and once approved, the essential GIS work is completed in National Grid's system per their standards and procedures.

At CHA, our technology professionals are well-versed in mobile application development, including custom application design, equipment configuration, and data management.

Project Services
  • Mobilization
  • Field Inspections
  • Data Manipulation
  • Make-Ready Documentation
  • Application Submittal