Nashville International Airport Master Plan Update

CHA led a team of professional consultants to update the Master Plan at Nashville International Airport (BNA). This planning exercise addressed key issues facing the MNAA at BNA and John C. Tune Airport, its general aviation reliever facility.

BNA’s recent ambitious development program included major improvements to the passenger terminal building, construction of an on-site consolidated rental car facility, expansion of vehicular parking facilities, realignment and expansion of ground access facilities, and improvements to airfield facilities. As a result, the MNAA looked to CHA to develop a comprehensive 20-year plan of development on and around the airport that considered a long-term visionary program. The 20-year planning program considered additional airfield facility improvements, terminal area improvements (passenger complex, parking, access, and support facilities), on-airport land use, and financial considerations.

Project elements included:

  • 20-year Forecast Projections for Long-range Planning Purposes
  • Assessment of Programming of Facility Sizing Needs
  • Consideration and Accommodation for Future Development Scenarios
  • A Comprehensive On-airport Land Use Planning Analysis
  • Assessment of Long-term Facility Needs for Passenger Processing, Aircraft and Vehicular Parking, Ground Access, and Regional Intermodal Connections
  • Review of Environmental and Financial Considerations
  • Coordination with the BNA’s Sustainability Master Plan
Project Services:
  • Master Planning
  • Sustainability Master Plan
  • Land Use Planning