MIA-Aeroterm Development

CHA provided construction engineering and inspection (CEI) and project management services to rehabilitate and expand Aeroterm’s air cargo facility at Miami International Airport (MIA). The initiative has involved developing a 250,000-square-foot warehouse, rehabilitating 65,000 square feet of office space, rehabilitating 140,000 square feet of hangar space, constructing 350,000 square feet of paved aircraft ramp and ground services equipment storage, extending the Taxiway “K” project, and relocating the interior service road.

The Taxiway “K” project must be completed for safety reasons associated with aircraft operations and includes an extension of the taxiway to the east along with associated ramp space. Expanding and rehabilitating the warehouse and hangar makes the facility 632,000 square feet, including 90 truck docks and parking ramps for eight large aircraft. The project scope included construction inspection services for the removal and installation of underground utilities, including water, sewer, force main, lift station, drainage, grading, electrical, and communications. CHA was also responsible for the airside inspection of the aircraft parking apron, taxiway extension, interior service road, airfield lighting, relocation of the airside security fence, signage, and maintenance of traffic (MOT) for both vehicular and aircraft movements.