Mannington Mills Cogeneration Air Permit

CHA prepared an air permit for an eight megawatt cogeneration plant that will be located at an industrial facility in New Jersey. The cogeneration plant consists of three internal combustion engines and generator sets. Power will be fed into the manufacturing plant's power grid. Three heat recovery steam generators and two package boilers will generate steam for the facility. The cogeneration plant will handle the entire steam load, replacing two older, less efficient boilers.

To obtain an air permit in New Jersey, the facility was required to undergo a netting analysis. CHA performed the netting analysis, which examined the five-year air permitting history of the facility. We also prepared the air permit using the required RADIUS software. Our responsibility extended to working with the cogeneration supplier to provide them with technical information and advice on state-of-the-art requirements for NOx emissions. 

Project Services:
  • Preparation of an Air Permit
  • Netting Analysis
  • Technical Support